Marina Garden Nursing Center strives to provide the highest quality
skilled nursing care by offering a wide range of high-quality and
dependable services at a competitive cost structure. Our goal is to strive
to continue to deliver high quality health care services to our residents,
and be a leader in the health care industry.

Marina Garden Nursing Center is committed to providing residents and
their families quality of life with peace of mind. We provide 24-hour care
ranging from short-term rehabilitation therapy to long-term restorative
nursing care. Our staff are well trained, skillful, caring and multi-lingual.
Our various programs promote health and independence as well as
dignity and respect in a safe, supportive, and loving community.
Marina Garden Nursing Center
3201 Fernside Blvd.
Alameda, CA 94501
Tel: 510-523-2363
Fax: 510-865-5076
Mission and Values